Monday, May 21, 2012

Reflecting on MoCPA's 40th

Summer is upon us and the end of another successful year has come.  While summer means different things for each of us, we hope you are taking some time to recharge before the fall.  For MoCPA, part of our recharge is a celebration of what we have accomplished.

Our Annual Conference has evolved into an event that left attendees greatly impressed!  With the additions of a pre-conference workshop, attendance by state higher education officials, and enhanced program offerings our attendance soared to over 130.  We have our sights set on 150 for 2012 and know we can do it!  Our Support Staff Drive-In made for another great conference opportunity with approximately 40 attendees collaborating together at Westminster College in Fulton, MO.  This year also saw a new theme-specific drive-in workshop as Drury University hosted the MoCPA Crisis Recovery and Response Workshop.  Special shout-outs go to Angel McAdams, Nikki Cornwell, and Mindy Maddux and their conference teams respectively for the success of these conferences!

We also have many non-conference successes that have helped MoCPA reach new heights.  Todd Foley, our outgoing Publicity Chair, has worked hard to help us develop our identity with a new logo and design theme for our publications.  Todd also brought MoCPA the Ruby Society to help support graduate students and community college professionals.  Working with Todd, Claire Wiegand has worked to develop our new “News Blasts” (which you are reading now!) and has done a fantastic job getting the word out about our efforts.

We expect nothing but the best from MoCPA and are excited about the upcoming year.  Our elections have just wrapped and we welcome several new faces to the board.  Be sure to read the separate article in this news blast about our new additions.  This year will bring our Annual Conference to a new location as we move to Tan-Tar-A for a new experience!  We have yet to determine the location for this year’s Support Staff Drive-In, but we will be ready with another great professional development experience.

Before closing, I would like to extend opportunities for you to help the MoCPA Executive Board lay the course for the upcoming year.  Our Board has developed a tradition of meeting at different college and universities in Missouri.  Consider inviting us to your campus to meet you and your Student Affairs professionals!  We meet four times a year and would be happy to consider your school as a place to meet.  Also, be sure to let us know what is important to you.  Our Crisis Response and Recovery Workshop was a tremendous success and we would enjoy the opportunity to offer other theme-specific workshop events.  Let us know what you would like to see.

2011-12 was MoCPA’s 40th anniversary and the whole year was an amazing success!  2012-13 is a new year with new opportunities and we look forward to supporting your professional efforts however we can!   We’ll see you this fall at Tan-Tar-A!

Scott P. Shields
2012-13 MoCPA President

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