Friday, January 31, 2014

Leadership Opportunities with MoCPA

By: Rose Viau, Director of Residential Life

Northwest Missouri State University

If you are looking for a leadership opportunity outside of your institution, an opportunity to connect with Student Affairs professionals from across the state, and a lot of FUN, I know exactly what you need.  You need to run for a leadership position within MoCPA.  Whether you are a new or seasoned professional, MoCPA offers opportunities for professional development and connections through Executive Board positions and Annual Conference Committee chair positions or committee members.

Why should you be a leader in MoCPA?  Read what current MoCPA Executive Board members have to say:

  •       Involvement in MoCPA allows you to positively impact and influence the work of Student Affairs and student development.  ~Angel McAdams Prescott, current Membership Coordinator and Annual Conference planning team member, past Annual Conference Co-Chair and Drive-In Co-Chair
  •          MoCPA has helped open my eyes up to the other areas of Higher Education. I’ve been in my ResLife world for a while and find it very helpful to have reminders from fellow MoCPA professionals of the larger scope of our services to students. I know I can call on many of my friends for advice and brainstorming and appreciate some great laughs along the way.  ~Aimee Rea, current Secretary, past Annual Conferenc planning team member.

  •          MoCPA is a great way to connect with colleagues across the state and in different areas of student affairs! Anyone can get involved and there are so many levels of involvement that no matter your availability there’s something you can make work with your schedule!  ~ Leslie Gale, Annual Conference Co-Chair.
  •          The experience and professional connections are invaluable!  ~Joe Gilgour, Two-year Institution Representative.
  •          Serving as a leader in MoCPA as an Executive Board Member or the Annual Conference Committee Chair gives you the opportunity to connect with members of our profession across the state as well as across the spectrum of positions, departments and careers.  This is an opportunity to meet and work with colleagues as you contribute to the growth and expansion of the Association - it's a win-win situation.  ~Trent Ball, Public Institution Representative.
  •          Being a leader in MoCPA connects you to professionals committed to Missouri's students and the continual advancement of our field.  ~Adam Callahan, Technology Coordinator and Annual Conference planning team member.
  •          When I moved to Missouri I didn’t have any other higher education friends or colleagues in the state.  MoCPA gave me a strong network of talented professionals, whom I now call friends.  I truly believe that I wouldn’t be as connected, statewide, if I hadn’t explored opportunities within MoCPA.  ~Jackie Weber, current Member-at-Large, past Past President, President, President Elect. 
  •          The networking opportunities have been invaluable!  I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know people across the state.  Being a conference co-chair has built my confidence as a professional and encouraged me to stay involved!  ~Becca Maier, Annual Conference Co-Chair.
  •          Being involved in MoCPA has allowed me to build relationships with other professionals in the state which has resulted in a larger and broader network of colleagues I can turn to for advice, insight and support.  ~Angel McAdams Prescott, current Membership Coordinator and Annual Conference planning team member, past Annual Conference Co-Chair and Drive-In Co-Chair
  •         Opportunities to network and make new friends!  ~Abby Tribble, Newsletter Coordinator
  •          MoCPA is a great way to connect with professionals from colleges and institutions across the state.  Personally, MoCPA has helped me make connections regarding job opportunities, resources, and professional development.  ~Luke Gorham, Sponsorship Coordinator and Annual Conference planning team.
  •         Being on MoCPA’s Exec. Board really changed my career.  It broke me out of my “home office” comfort zone and into a valuable statewide network of colleagues.  It was an easy move and one I value tremendously!  ~Scott Shields, current Past President, past President, President Elect and Technology Coordinator
  •          I love being involved in MoCPA because it is a tight but smaller network.  Regional or national involvement is sometimes intimidating due to sheer numbers of people.  MoCPA offers more of a home/family atmosphere were you really get to know others from around the state who are also working to help students succeed.  ~Rose Viau, current President, past President-Elect, Secretary, Sponsorships Coordinator, and Annual Conference planning team member.

Positions on Executive Board (some positions may not be available for elections)

·         President

·         President Elect
·         Treasurer (2-year term)
·         Secretary (2-year term)
·         Two-Year Institution Representative
·         Public Institution Representative
·         Private Institution Representative
·         Member-At-Large (3 positions)
·         Membership Coordinator
·         Newsletter Coordinator
·         Graduate Student Representative
·         Sponsorship Coordinator
·         Technology Coordinator
·         Annual Conference Co-Chairs
·         Drive-in Conference Chair
·         Publicity Chair
·         Faculty Liaison

Positions on Annual Conference planning team

·         Conference Co-Chair
·         Educational Session Committee Co-chairs
·         Programming Committee Chair
·         Keynote Speakers Committee Chair
·         Registration Committee Co-Chairs
·         Graduate Student Initiatives Committee Chair
·         Conference Logistics Committee Chair
·         Networking Committee Chair
·         Silent Auction Committee Chair
·         Adornment Committee Chair

Look for more information to come out soon.  If you have questions or want more information please contact Rose Viau at  Remember, YOU can Lead!

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