Monday, September 23, 2013

PARTNERS in PREVENTION: Let Us Help Your Campus!

By: Rebecca Maier, Northwest Missouri State University 
Dedicated to creating healthy and safe college campuses; Partners in Prevention wants YOU to know they are here to help your campus.  Their four-pronged approach include: prevention education, social norming, harm reduction programs, and environmental management.  Serving 21 public and private campuses across the state, PIP invites you to learn more about what they are doing and how your campus can see results!   

Are you seeing an increase in a particular behavior in students?  Feel as though students are being bombarded with messages and nothing is sticking?  Generally concerned about the health and safety of students?  Partners in Prevention use evidence-based programs that yield results.  They can help your campus build and implement a comprehensive plan.  It doesn’t matter if your campus is not currently a member of PIP- it’s about learning what is out there and readily available to impact your student population. 

Throughout the MoCPA Annual Conference, participants will have opportunities to interact with PIP professionals.  Come to the Partners in Prevention pre-conference and learn about successful approaches used across the state.  MoCPA and Partners in Prevention have been working collaboratively to also offer a PIP track throughout the conference.
PIP will meet your campus where they are at in their prevention efforts.  Follow PIP at the MoCPA annual conference!

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