Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MoCPA Tech Report

October has been a busy month for MoCPA with the annual conference, but it also saw the successful launch of several technology initiatives.  During the conference Business Meeting, members were given an overview of the new MoCPA website which officially launched on October 6th.  This overhaul was a long time coming, but has been worth the wait.  In addition to information that has always been available, the website is expanding its reach in a variety of ways.  Many new sections of the website are still being developed, however, one already active example has our site advertising a wider variety of student affairs related conferences around the state.  Upcoming initiatives include providing space for job postings from around the state and a revamped newsletter page.  The MoCPA website can be found at http://www2.myacpa.org/sid/mo/
A new online feature for MoCPA is the creation of a new photo website sharing pictures from MoCPA events.  The site launched early in October with a full array of pictures from the recent MoCPA conference.  Over time, this site will be used not only as a celebration of MoCPA’s successes, but will also be helpful in showing potential attendees what they have to look forward to when they come to the annual conference and other MoCPA events.  There is a link on the MoCPA website to the photo website, but it can be found directly at: http://mocpa.shutterfly.com/
Conference attendees also had the benefit of experiencing several new pieces of technology.  Prior to their arrival at the Lodge, Publicity Chair Todd Foley made use of a great free email marketing service called MailChimp.  The service allowed the conference committee to send professional looking marketing pieces to conference attendees as they prepared for their visit to the Lake.  The system allows for a wide variety of tracking so the committee knew who was and was not receiving the messages that went out.  MailChimp can be found at: http://www.mailchimp.com/
While at the Lake, conference goers also saw the future of business cards though the MingleStick system.  MingleStick is a small “jump-drive” looking device that each attendee received at check-in.  As everyone met and reconnected, they simply pointed their MingleStick at the other person’s MingleStick and clicked a button. The two devices shared contact info wirelessly.  Once home, the system allows everyone to login and view their new contacts and even download them into their Microsoft Outlook systems.  The great thing is that once someone updates their profile, every contact they have shared their information with is updated.  Everyone was allowed to take their MingleStick home for use at future conferences.  MingleStick can be found online at: http://www.mingle360.com/index.html
2010 has seen some great technology innovations for MoCPA.  If you have questions about any of these services, feel free to contact me at sshield@nwmissouri.edu and I will refer you to a MoCPA member who best knows the service you are wondering about.

Scott P. Shields
Northwest Missouri State University Residential Life
MoCPA Public Institution Representative &
MoCPA Webmaster

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